Microsoft Office

It is easy to install Microsoft Office on your computer. To do this we have provided you with the activation key for the trial version that the computer already comes with.

This activation key will unlock the trial and give you the full version of Microsoft Office.

Your product key will come in a DVD case, it should look something like the example below and should be 25 Characters long hyphenated (-) every 5 characters:


Your product key will be unique for you.

To activate office what you need to do is open up the Microsoft Office activation application on the computer.

To do this, go into the start menu by pressing the Windows button on the keyboards and then type in Office. You will then see the activation program on the left, click on it to open the application.

When open it should look like this:


You will see the option to activate on the left hand side, click on activate and then you will be able to enter your product key.

After you have entered your product key and selected continue, your copy of Microsoft Office will be activated however if you do have any issues such as it says that your product key is already in use or your product key is damaged or missing please give us a call on 1800-609-2780 and we will give you a hand.

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